Bios of Performers and Instructors


Joe Burgos

Joe burgos has been teaching since October of 1998, after teaching for Jimmy Anton for 1 year and Karisma dance school for 3 years, he
decided to start his own dance company called Piel Canela Dance & Music School in October of 2001. Listed below are some of his major accomplishments.

organizer & promotor

Salsa Olympics, Salsa Cruise,
"Que rico Mambo" a dance production
founder and organizer of the Atlanta Salsa Congress

Major Tours:

Jimmy Anton Dancers
Tour of Peru, Lima, Cuszco, Macchu Picchu

Karisma Dancers
Tour of Italy, Milan, Rome, Mantova, Genova

Piel Canela Dancers
Tour of Italy, Milan, Rome, Venice, Genova

Performances 2006

August 7
Bajo del Cielo de America
July 27
Puerto Rico Salsa Congress
July 9
Salsa Olympics at Riverbank State Park
July 24
Philadelphia Salsa Congress
June 17
Connecticut 2nd Annual Salsa Congress
June 10
Washington DC 2nd Annual Salsa Congress
June 9
Albert Torres 50th Birthday Celebration
May 28
8th Annual West Coast Salsa Congress
May 21
Jimmy Anton Dance Social
May 19
Berkley Carroll School Dance Expose
May 12
Latin Cultural Festival
May 12
Yamulee Dance Social
May 2
Isreali Independence Day at Crobar
April 28
Salsa Fridays at China Club
April 2
Boston Salsa Congress
Feb 11
Mambo Showdown at Club Cache
Feb 7
Trey Parker Fundraiser at Club Cache

Performances 2005

Atlanta Salsa Congress
Sept 14
Oscar de Leon at Latin Quarters
Sept 18
Mambo Festival at South Street Seaport
Dec 12
SOBs Big Bad Boogaloo Bash
Sept 1
New York Salsa Congress
July 6
Midsummer Night Swing, Salsa Night at Lincoln Center

Piel Canela Choreographies
El Yo Yo
Besitos de Coco
Montuno Street
Chinta del Oriente
Gusto y Gana
Dance City
Pantera Mambo
Suelta el Bongo
Dance Production in April 2007:
"Que Rico Mambo"


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