The NuYorican Co - Always on "2"!

The dance company

This is the group of people who, under the instruction and leadership of Conny & Oscar, create and perform Latin dance shows. It started out several years ago somewhat as a one-time thing by some friends who wanted to do a little show for a Sunday afternoon social dance, but since they have grown and improved all aspects of their shows : choreography, dress up, style, technique ... Although strictly amateur, they have a very professional attitude towards dancing and performing. They rehearse regularly and try to bring each season one or two new dance routines.

So if you have a party or other event and you would like a good quality Latin dance show, consider booking The NuYorican Co. You know how to contact us.

Nuyorican Company cha cha show

During the summer of 2005, they went on stage in the Stockholm congress with their show 'Titeré', performed by three couples in total. Check the pictures ! The dancers were also very active during the congress evening parties... More pictures right here

The dance company
Nuyorican ?

The word Nuyorican is a contraction of the names New York (or nuyork as the Spanish speaking locals pronounce it) and Puerto Rican. In New York City there is a very large population descending from that island state. To distinguish themselves from the people on their home island they name themselves Nuyoricans. These Nuyoricans are largely responsible for the development and international success of Latin music and they are also the inventors of the New York style of mambo dancing that we love so much. That's why this name was chosen for Conny's dance company.

This should also give you an indication on how to correctly pronounce Nuyorican : it rhymes on Puerto Rican, with the accent on the i !


Songs we've used for our dance performances


  • Louis Ramirez - El Titeré (Tribute to Cal Tjader)
  • Tito Puente - Asia Mood
  • Joe Cuba sextet - La Palomilla (Bailadores)
  • El Gran Combo - Mundy Baja
  • Jerry Galante - Corazon Espinado
  • Tito Rodriguez Jr. - Mujer Erotica
  • Tito Puente - Tito's Colada
  • Ismael Rivera - Mi Negrita me Espera (Maelo el Unico)
  • Cubanismo - Marie Laveaux (Mardi Gras Mambo)
  • 3-2 Get Funky - Sabor Latino
  • Puerto Rican Power - Asi la Quiero (Men in Salsa)
  • Tito Puente - La Juventud del Presente (Mambo Birdland)
  • El Gran Combo - Que me lo Den en Vida (Pasaporte)
  • Sonora Ponceña - Congo Carabali (On Target)
  • Tito Puente - El Ajitador
  • Cachao - Cogele el golpe


Hit Parade: our favorite music and DJ's

Our favorite music

Here are some artists and CD's with excellent dance music. We'll try to keep this up to date with new releases. Check back often. You can go to Descarga to extend your research on any of these titles.

  • José Mangual Jr. - Dancing with the Gods / Bailando con los santos
  • Henry Fiol - Guaperia
  • Live from New York Wayne Gorbea's Salsa Picante
  • Wayne Gorbea - Fiesta en el Bronx
  • Eddie Palmieri- Ritmo caliente/ La perfecta II
  • La Son Charanga -Descarga y Tumbao
  • El Gran Combo - Salsa Classics Revisited - 2 cd set
  • Orquesta La Palabra - Breakthrough
  • Quinto Mayor - Montuno al piso...!
  • Grupo Caribe - Un Congo me dio la letra
  • Son de Cali - Creciendo
  • Son de Cali - Estilo Propio
  • Nestor Torres - Mis primeras canciones
  • Bailatino - Bailatino llegó....con todo!!!
  • Cobo Music - "Heavy duty jam" Estrellas Cobo (Formerly Estrellas Caiman)
  • Los Soneros del Barrio - Siguiendo la tradicion
  • Orquesto Broadway - 40th Anniversary
  • Ivan Cá ceres y su Bongo landia - Roots of acid salsa
  • Steve Pouchie - Vibe Mania
  • Jimmy Bosch - Salsa Dura
  • Jerry Galante - Renovando
  • Dave Santiago and his latin affair
  • Domingo Quiñones - Derechos Reservados
  • Africando - Martina
  • Grupo Gale - 20 De Julio
  • Don Adolpho & his orquesta organizacion - Ritmo Caliente
  • Jorge Herrera - Castigando
  • Frankie Ruiz - Exitos Eternos
  • Homenaje al Grupo Niche con los Grandes de la Salsa
  • José Alberto "El Canario" Oro Salsero - 2 cd set
  • Old School Classics - Vol I. Vol II (great compilations)
Our favorite DJ's

In alphabetical order:

Salsa lessen in Brussel, Leuven & Antwerpen