Mambo D Unplugged : The Art of Partner Dancing video

Seductive! Enticing! Sensual!

MamboD Unplugged

This is the magical world of the Salsa Dance breathtakingly brought to life by MamboD and La Mambera. See how remarkable dance technique and style transform 20 turn combos into an artistic expression. A must for everyone who loves to dance salsa.

Delille Thomas, known as "Mambo D" is widely acknowledged as one of America's best mambo performers, instructors and choreographers. Here for the first time on video, he demonstrates his mastery by creating for us 20 original and challenging turn combinations.

Glenda Heffer, known as "La Mambera" is one of the most talented and captivating mambo performers and instructors in the USA. Her passion and beautiful style make her the perfect partner for Mambo D. Together they show us that the exhilarating irresistible excitement of salsa partner dancing can also be yours.

Video running time: 50 minutes
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For a few impressions of Mambo D's class in his New York studio, go here


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